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Bayou Blue Elementary services over 700 Pre-K through fourth grade students. Our administrative team consists of Ms. Becky Plaisance (Principal), Ms. Janet Conrad (Assistant Principal), Ms. Peggy Scott (Assistant Principal), and Mrs. Tammy Guidry (Administrative Assistant). We have over 30 certified teachers on staff ready to help your child be the best that he/she can be!  We also have the best secretarial, janitorial, and cafeteria staff around! Bayou Blue Elementary is currently a "B" school, which is something we are all very proud of! Our take-in time is 8:15, and our dismissal time is 3:15. We offer Before Care and After Care, as well as Parent Pick-Up. We are very excited to have all of our Banties back for the 2016-2017 school year!


  • Child Care Information

    Below you can find our Child Care Handbook. Registration for Child Care will take place in the cafeteria during Meet-N-Greet. There is a registration form at the end of the handbook that can be printed, which may help save time. Thanks!

    Bayou Blue Elementary School
  • Mark Your Calendar!

    August 5th- Meet-N-Greet from 11:00-12:30 (Bring your supplies!)

    August 8th- Welcome Back 1st-4th Grade Students

    August 15th- Welcome Pre-K & K Girls

    August 16th- Welcome Pre-K & K Boys

    August 17th- All Pre-K & K Students Return

    August 24th- Open House for 1st-4th Grade Students

    Bayou Blue Elementary School
  • K-4th Grade Supply Lists

    All supply lists can be found in the Quick Links Section.

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Upcoming Events

  • Bayou Blue Elementary School


    1st-4th Grade students can come meet their teacher and drop off supplies from 11:00-12:30.
    Bayou Blue Elementary School
  • Welcome 1st-4th Grade Students!

    Bayou Blue Elementary School
  • Welcome Pre-K & K Girls

    Bayou Blue Elementary School
  • Welcome Pre-K & K Boys

    Bayou Blue Elementary School
  • All Pre-K & K Students Attend

    Bayou Blue Elementary School
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Donor's Choose Funding Opportunities

Throughout the year, our teachers post grants on www.donorschoose.org. Anyone can fund these grants! They are a great way for teachers to get specific items for their classroom and into our students' hands! The following teachers have grants available for funding. Please click their name to view their grant.


Mrs. Erica Richard                  Mrs. Tiffany Thibodaux

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